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Do you want to stop fighting the same fires every day but aren't sure how to break free?


If so, The Belief Shift Podcast is for you!

Each week, Camille Rapacz, a business consultant and leadership coach, talks shop with her brother, George Drapeau, a leader in the tech world. Together they discuss the practical side of business performance and how to achieve long-term success. With actionable advice and real-world examples, they'll help you create a sustainable and profitable business.

If you're ready to create lasting change in your business, tune in to The Belief Shift Podcast!


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Meet the Hosts

Camille Rapacz

Host & Business Coach & Consultant

Your podcast director and former corporate business advisor turned small business coach and consultant.

George Drapeau

Co-Host and Leader in Big Biz 

Camille's brother and 'kind of a big deal' at a major tech company.

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