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The Belief Shift Podcast

Does it feel like your business runs you instead of you running your business?

Do you wonder if the freedom and security you want are possible as a small business owner?

If so, The Belief Shift Podcast is for you!

Each week, Camille Rapacz, a business performance coach, talks shop with her brother, George Drapeau, a leader in big business. Together they discuss the practical side of business performance and how to use the same tools big businesses use to achieve long-term success. With actionable advice and real-world examples, they'll help you create a sustainable and profitable small business.

If you're ready to create lasting change in your business, tune in to The Belief Shift Podcast!

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Meet the Hosts

Camille Rapacz

Host & Business Coach & Consultant

Your podcast director and former corporate business advisor turned small business coach and consultant.

George Drapeau

Co-Host and Leader in Big Biz 

Camille's brother and 'kind of a big deal' at a major tech company.

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