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EP 83: The Overuse of Catchphrases in Business Communication

Are catchphrases shaping our conversations for better or for worse? The latest installment of our podcast delves deep into the world of overused business jargon, critiquing the ubiquitous reach of terms like "synergy," "think outside the box," and "low hanging fruit."

Camille and George share a candid discussion on how these phrases, while aiming to convey understanding or belonging, might lead to a loss of substance and credibility in professional dialogue. They unravel the layers of frustration and mental fatigue caused by the lazy use of these expressions, which often serve as shortcuts rather than enriching communication.

The dangers of relying excessively on these catchphrases are highlighted, noting their potential to shut down open discussion and create a false sense of common ground. A pointed critique is aimed at phrases that carry a surface-level simplicity, such as "it works until it doesn't," which prove to be passive-aggressive and fail to add value in problem-solving contexts.

Your hosts advocate for a return to plain, non-vernacular English to avoid misinterpretation and encourage more meaningful exchanges. 

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