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Ep 79: 5 Steps to Being Fully Prepared for Coaching

Are you truly ready to unlock your full potential and embrace self-discovery? This insightful discussion delves into the varying degrees of preparedness individuals bring to the coaching process, emphasizing the necessity of a complete commitment to reap the benefits of such a transformative experience. Camille highlights the critical role of active participation and the willingness to do the work required, rather than simply engaging in conversation.

Navigating the journey of professional and personal growth isn't just about identifying goals; it involves cultivating an open mindset, managing time and energy effectively, and even acknowledging when it's time to part ways with a coach that doesn't align with your path. This episode draws a clear line between mere openness to change and the more impactful stance of actively seeking and engaging in the process of transformation. It also underscores the importance of individuals taking charge of their own development, exploring mentorship, and not solely depending on external leadership.


5 Steps to Prepare for Coaching:

  • Have Goals 
  • Adapt a Growth Mindset
  • Commit to Change
  • Actively Participate
  • Time & Energy Management 



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