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Ep 67: Leading from Within - A Guide to Self-Reflection

Are you working to improve the things that are in your control? Join us as we delve into the crucial practice of reflection and how to apply it to assessing your self-leadership skills. This episode shines a spotlight on key self-leadership principles such as self-awareness, goal-setting, decision-making, and adaptability, guiding listeners through a self-reflection exercise to evaluate their ability to withstand challenges and stay true to their values.

We provoke thought and encourage self-assessment, dissecting the nuances of emotional management, the reception of feedback, and the art of saying no. Listeners are provided with a set of questions and a process for reflection and self-improvement strategies. 


Reflection Questions

1) I establish specific goals for my own performance

2) I know my priorities and stay focused on them consistently.

3) I work toward specific goals I have set for myself.

4) I regularly review and acknowledge my own accomplishments.

5) I easily become curious and adapt in the face of adversity

6) I regularly seek input and feedback from others.

7) I say no to tasks that aren't serving me and my goals.

8) My decision-making processes are clear and effective.


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