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Ep 66: Don't Be "Helpy" - Strategies for Being Better at Helping

Have you ever felt frustrated when trying to help someone who resists your every attempt? Should you simply walk away from these people or is there a better approach? 

In this episode, we offer a few strategies for how you can help others be more accepting of your help. The basic ground rules of effective helping are curiosity, empathy, and clear communication. These components create a transformation in helping interactions, be it personal, workplace, or professional consultations.

Tune in as we talk about why you should avoid being "helpy" and offer six strategies for making your offers to help be more well-received. The strategies are provided below but you'll have to tune in to get the scoop on how to use each one effectively.


The Six Strategies for Helping:

1. Be curious

2. Have empathy and connect

3. Be specific and clear in your offer

4. Help them on the sly

5. Be collaborative

6. Ask for their help 


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