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Ep 45: How to do a Mid-Year Business Review to Boost Performance

This week on The Belief Shift podcast, Camille walks Katie through a simple but powerful six-step process to unlock the hidden potential of her business.

Follow along and get on the path to boosting your business performance in the second half of the year. Camille and Katie delve into practical strategies and expert tips for evaluating current performance, addressing challenges, and igniting positive change.

Don't miss this in-depth conversation as we show you how to do your own results-driven mid-year review. Whether you're a startup or an established entrepreneur, this episode is a must-listen for everyone aspiring to make the most of their business.

The Six Steps for Your Mid-Year Business Review:

06:42 Six Steps Overview

07:49 Step 1: Objectives

10:04 Step 2: Ideal State

12:03 Step 3: Current State

18:04 Step 4: Analysis

34:49 Step 5: Reflection

38:15 Step 6: Adjust and Improve


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