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Ep 31: Small Steps, Big Wins: Overcoming Common Obstacles to Achieve Your Goals

Are you a small business owner or leader looking to achieve some big goals? Tune in to this episode of our podcast about small moves that can create big success! During the episode, we will be discussing simple and tangible steps that small business owners can take right away that will increase their chances of success in reaching their ambitions. Tune in now for simple but effective solutions – small moves that will lead you to big success!

The eight strategies we discuss for how you can make small changes to get big gains are as follows:

  1. Schedule It
  2. Find Your Micro-Moves
  3. Prioritize
  4. Avoid Distractions
  5. Track Progress
  6. Utilize Technology
  7. Create Accountability
  8. Delegate

To learn more about how to apply each one without getting overwhelmed, I made this handy guide for you. Click here to download your free guide.


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