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Ep 30: Art of Reflection for Goal Achievement

Sure, reflection can feel like a distraction from productivity. But for small business owners who take the time to practice and master it? It's a powerful tool in their arsenal! 

This week on The Belief Shift podcast we uncover why reflective activities are so essential to success and provide actionable tips - from what questions to explore to how to fit reflection into your day - that you can apply immediately. Get ready as we explore how mindful reflection helps sharpen our understanding of ourselves, enhance clarity around experiences, spur future successes...and motivate us during challenging times. 


Below are the questions we shared on the podcast today so you can get started with our reflection routine today!

Personal reflections:

Am I taking anything for granted?

Am I using my time wisely?

Am I living true to my values/myself?

Am I putting enough energy into my relationships?

Am I achieving the goals I’ve set for myself?

Do I like who I am in this relationship/role?


Business reflections - annual or big-picture view:

What have I accomplished?

How did a specific project or event go? What happened?

Are my priorities clear?

Are my goals clear?

What am I most afraid of in my business?

Where do I need support?

What am I proud of or good at?

Are my goals and priorities aligned with my mission, vision, and values?

Did I do a good job of setting my previous goals?  Too easy / too hard?

What’s changed?


Frequent, quick reflections (weekly):

What’s working well?

What needs improvement?

What did I learn?

How could I make next week less stressful or more productive?

What am I most excited about next week?



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