Ep 18: Getting Ready for 2023

We start this week's episode by reflecting on 2022. Reflection is related to SO many of our Belief Shifts. We discuss the past year's personal and business impacts with a set of reflection questions for both. Then, Camille relates it back to how they tie into the Belief Shifts (because it all comes back to the shifting beliefs that will make all the difference in our businesses and lives).

Filling in for George this week is podcast producer Katie Rempe who works closely with Camille as her coach and through the pod.



Reflection Questions

Part 1: Personal Impact

  1. How did your business support your life this past year?
  2. How did your business get in the way of your life?
  3. What was your most significant learning about your business?
  4. What was your most significant learning about yourself?
  5. What words describe your emotions about 2022?
  6. Which emotions will you let go of, and which will you carry forward?
  7. What are your top five values? How did they show up? How were they lacking?
  8. What are you most proud of accomplishing in your business this past year?

Business Impact

  1. Performance Overall: How did the business perform on top objectives/goals for the year?
  2. Strategies Assessment: What strategies are working, and which need improvement? (i.e., marketing, customer delivery)
  3. Financial Big Picture: What does the big financial picture look like? Which revenue streams performed well? What were your most significant expenses? Were there any surprises?
  4. Operations Review: How smoothly do things run daily? Where do processes & systems need to be improved?
  5. Strategy Implementation: How well is your system and process for setting, pursuing, and achieving your goals working? What needs improvement?


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