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Turn Three Common Threats into Positive Drivers for Success

business performance mindset May 04, 2022
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Your business is under attack from three fronts, and you don't even know it! No, I'm not talking about the typical competitive threats from other businesses in your industry. I'm referring to the internal struggles that are holding your business back from success. Don't worry, though - I'm here to help you flip the script on these triple threats and build a smarter business. Let's take a look at each one of these threats and how you can overcome them.

The Triple Threat

Chaos wreaks havoc on your business, distracting you from what matters and making it impossible to know if you're making progress.

Uncertainty keeps you up at night as you scrutinize every decision.

And imposter syndrome strikes at the heart of your business, you. It creates doubt in your abilities and your worthiness and can even have you questioning whether you should be running a business at all.

This is the triple threat that's working inside your business. Left unchecked, they will dominate and bring your business to a grinding halt.

It's Not All Bad

Much of the chaos in your business is coming from a good place, your creative mind. Chaos is a sign that creativity is alive and well. And it means you have no shortage of ideas and are willing to try them out.

Uncertainty can also come from a good place. It shows that you're willing to try something new and take a risk. If you weren't, you'd have nothing to feel uncertain about. It also demonstrates your desire to make a smart decision and that you're wise enough to know that you don't have all the answers.

And, finally, there's imposter syndrome. Yes, this too can have a positive perspective, and that is this – this is what keeps you striving to be the best at what you do. It keeps you learning and growing. And is a source of motivation as you pursue excellence.

Without these three things, you would have a stagnant business, and that's a recipe for disaster.

But you need to address the triple threat in a particular way for it to become the leverage you need to build a smarter business.

When the Triple Threat Takes Over

Before you can flip the script, you need to recognize when these threats are taking control of your business. When this happens, it's usually a sign that you're too busy working in your business and aren't working on your business.

After all, bringing in consistent revenue is your top priority, and you'll do whatever it takes to make that happen. You start to see chaos and uncertainty as part of the deal, even if they make you crazy.

And imposter syndrome will have you jumping through unnecessary hoops just to avoid that one painful act of putting yourself out there. It convinces you to play small because it tells you you're not ready, and before you know it, your big goal has turned into a mere fantasy.

And then there are those of you that thrive on the chaos. You resist the structure of planning because it doesn't have the same energy as rushing in and putting out fires. You take pride in your ability to work with the chaos and even see it as part of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs have this tendency, and it's an important thing to know about yourself.

When we allow these three things to take over, we lose control of our business. But when you recognize the source of these threats, you have an opportunity to flip the script and use them to your advantage.

Put The Triple Threat to Work for You

Turn Chaos Into Solutions

To make the most of chaos, you need to let your creative mind shine. Get those ideas out of your head and into an idea space. That space might be a journal, whiteboard, spreadsheet, anything you want. They just need to be visible outside of your brain.

Then you need to process all the ideas and funnel them into a set of goals and a plan. This will require you first to decide which ideas are worth pursuing. Then decide which takes priority and should be implemented now. And when the decision of what not to work on feels painful and hard, you'll be doing the right work.

Turn Uncertainty Into Momentum

This decision-making process is where uncertainty starts to become a threat. You'll wonder if you're making the right choices and prioritizing the right work. At this point, your job isn't to eliminate uncertainty but to embrace it. Use that uncertainty to energize you into doing some due diligence before making your choices.

Once you determine what should happen, you then decide how it will happen. This becomes your business strategy. And it's typically where imposter syndrome rises up.

Turn Imposter Syndrome into Integrity

Your business strategy is all about how you'll do all the things you choose to do. It includes things like how you'll deliver services and market your business and get new clients.

Imposter syndrome will challenge all your decisions if you let it. It will tell you not to reach out to that potential client just yet because you might appear too pushy. It will have you believe that you're not good on video, so you shouldn't do a webinar, much less a video on Instagram.

But you are confident in what you deliver to your clients. And imposter syndrome is a sign that you care about how you show up and how you provide value. It's about having integrity, and that alone will differentiate you from many other businesses.

So use your imposter syndrome to bring that integrity forward and show up for your audience.

How to Keep Things in Check 

The triple threat will always be there, and that's okay. If you ignore them or try to force them out of existence, you'll lose. But if you flip the script and turn them to your advantage, you'll win every time.

Building a smarter business is about creating plans and strategies that leverage your strengths while also helping you grow and develop new strengths.

Flip the script on the triple threat by choosing your best ideas, making the best decisions with the information at hand, and serving your audience with integrity.

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