Make Your Holiday the Most Productive Day of the Week

Holy cow, it’s July already! And the first big holiday of the summer is upon us!

Are you scrambling this week to get five days worth of work done in four so you can enjoy your holiday on Wednesday? If so, I have a great tip for you to try!

It’s so easy to do.

And it most certainly will improve your productivity!

Ready for it?

Step 1: Do Not Do Five Days of Work in Four

Four days of work is all you need to do. In fact, it's all you should do if you want to maximize your productivity. This holiday isn't a gift. And you don't get to save it up and use it later. You earned this day. So make good use of it and do more of what matters.

And, yes, I did say this would improve your productivity so how exactly does that happen? I think you already know the answer to this. You can't work non-stop without losing some ability to think clearly and be productive. Your brain works like a muscle; it requires exercise AND rest. If you give it a little rest now, it will reward you with improved productivity later.

And, as a bonus, your brain doesn't turn itself off completely. It will continue to work on things in the background. So if you have a problem to solve, or an idea you want to develop, your brain will quietly work on this behind the scenes. And, if you're lucky, you'll have one of those lightbulb moments when a new idea pops into your head at the most random time. If that happens, write it down as quick as you can and then get back to what you were doing.

Step 2: Celebrate!

Today I want you to leave work on time and be okay with the work left undone; it will be there when you get back and that's as it should be.

Then get out there and make your holiday the most productive day of the week by being fully present with your loved ones and with yourself, taking in the outdoors, laughing, smiling, and celebrating!

Happy Fourth of July!